Friday, 4 March 2011

Girly Message Board

This message board I whipped up today is super cute and very functional! It will surely be a great addition to my daughter's room (when I redecorate it using the same colour palette).

If you're interested to know how I did it, first know it was very easy. I used an old art canvas I had, some Walmart bought fabric ($2 - yes, that's right!), and some light pink satin ribbon I also had "laying" around. I first secured the fabric to the canvas neatly to the back using a staple gun. I believe a good quality white glue could also be used if painted on the front and sides of the canvas if you don't have a staple gun. Once that was completed I then added the ribbon. I placed the ribbon diagonally from the left and right, weaving the pieces as I went. I secured the ribbon again with staples to the back and sides. The staples are covered on the sides by another piece of ribbon. This ribbon is thicker as my canvas has deep sides. I secured this ribbon in place using iron heated adhesive, bought at Walmart. This is optional but because I used staples on the sides I wanted to cover them up. Finally, I added push pin embellishments. These are the ones used in scrapbooking where you split the back to secure it. I had to use a small screwdriver to break through the fabric and ribbon first then I was able to push them through. That's it! Easy!!

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